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With scholarships and you can federal student education loans, she were able to pursue an educated knowledge you are able to

By jm k

With scholarships and you can federal student education loans, she were able to pursue an educated knowledge you are able to

Passionate of the actual tales, these types of short clips show exactly how borrowers are effectively paying off their scholar finance and you may implementing its stages to follow their ambitions, raise existence, and help their own families.

Krystal’s Story

Through our Elevate platform, Team Navient is committed to making our world a better place.
We aspire to always follow responsible and sustainable business practices, adhere to good corporate governance, empower our employees to bring their whole selves to work and give and volunteer in our community.

Federal Partnership

Navient is actually delighted to partner with People & Women Nightclubs regarding The united states to bring job and you will school thought resources to help with equity having young people, and men and women from under-resourced groups.

Environmental surroundings

We are focused on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in our corporate operations. We emphasize electronic communications and transactions to reduce wasted paper.

Variety & Introduction

Within Navient, we are dedicated to creating a workplace in which workers are welcomed and you will known to possess who they really are due to the fact some one. We think our team and you will office prosper when we is authentically inclusive.

Panel Range

Geneva always knew she wanted to be a professional musician.
The COVID-19 pandemic changed how and when Geneva worked causing new financial hardships. Navient was there to ensure she got the help she needed.

The individuals degrees assisted their feel a successful manager in the an enthusiastic ambulatory proper care cardiovascular system from inside the Kansas, placing the lady on the frontlines of one’s COVID-19 response.

Valerie D.

To have Valerie, per call is actually individual so you can this lady center and you may performs. The voice and you may tale on the other side stop of line are what drives Valerie to online installment loan Tennessee accomplish alot more getting consumers throughout the this time. We are recognized to possess her within Party Navient. Valerie has been moved of the customers’ work and you may positive mind-set.

Customer interactions have changed significantly since the COVID-19 crisis began. So many people have lost so much, but they are still able to look on the bright side of things. For instance, I’m reminded of a customer in Oregon who lost her job after it had taken a lot of work to get. It was a tough blow for her. Then, her husband was laid off too. They could no longer afford to stay in their home, so they had to move in with her grandmother. I had tears in my eyes just listening to her story. But even while I was there to help her, she taught me something that day. She said, “Although it’s been a rough transition with two small children, there is a silver lining: Grandma needed us just as much as my family needed Grandma.” Knowing that I could help this family remove some of the pressure of the student loan payments really warmed my heart.Working for Navient allows me to use my gifts and talents to better the world around me. An encouraging word spoken at the right time can change the outcome.

Patti C.

Patti helps borrowers stay on track by getting them into the repayment program that’s best for them. Patti understands personally what it’s like to be in default with her student loans, so she has a mission: help borrowers by providing a path that works. She wants to provide people with the same care and support she received from her own friend.

My job is to help people by o?ering them opportunities to get their student loans out of default and out of collections. I listen to them and try to help them with the best program that I can. I understand the struggle that some borrowers have when their loans are in default and their tax refunds are being taken by the government. A few years ago, before I started working at Navient, my loans were in default too. My husband had abandoned me with three children and no way to support myself. If it weren’t for a friend who worked here who assisted me with getting my loans back into good standing, I might still be struggling with my loans.A lot of people hear “debt” or “collections” and automatically think our job is just to take people’s money and not help them. But federal student loans have so many options, including options where you pay just a small percentage of your income. I’m proud to be working for Navient, helping people with their student loans.

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